Tuesday, June 18, 2013

the perfect eyebrow tips

To get perfect eyebrows (and yes there is such a thing) all you need are the following things -
  • Eyebrow Definer/Shadow or a shadow that suits your natural brow color (optional)
  • Concealer
  • A concealer brush
  • A flat top brush for blending (optional)
  • A spoolie or eyebrow brush
  • Tweezers (optional)
There are different shapes of eyebrows for different shapes of faces. It is important to know the shape of your face and your eyebrows in order to know how to proceed with getting the perfect brows
  • Place a pencil along the right or left side of the bridge of your nose. Along the length of the pencil the brow bone and pencil will meet. The point at which this occurs should be the beginning of your brow.
  • Take the pencil again and place it at the edge of the nostril; left or right and align it with the outer corner of the eye. Where the brow bone/eye socket and the pencil meet after the eye is where the brow should end. The end of the tail is also referred to as the tail of the brow.
  • The arch is very important because it could take your look from pleasurable to surprised. To determine where this arch would be, place the pencil along the outer corner of the nostril; left or right and align it with the middle of your eye. Above the eye, the pencil will meet the brow bone/ eye socket; that should be the highest point of your eyebrow’s arch.
  • After you have established the beginning, arch and end of the brow, connect the three points. You are to do this for both the top and bottom of the brow and the left and right side of the face.
  • Tweeze any extra hair you may have outside the original hairline, then brush your eyebrow hair strands back with the eyebrow brush. Brush the brow upward and cut outstanding hairs to eliminate long strands that could fall out of place later.
  • Lightly fill in your eyebrows with the eyebrow pencil (preferably the same color of your hair) until you have covered the entire eyebrow section. After this you could choose to fill it in again with an eyebrow definer or just use an eye shadow that does not have glitter. It is optional.
  • Use the concealer to clean around the eyebrow making sure you create a clean line, tracing from the inner eyebrow bone to the outer corner. Do this for the top and bottom of the brows.
  • Blend out the concealer with the flat top brush in opposite directions of the eyebrow until it has successfully blended into your forehead and crease
  • By Jennifer Obiuwevbi

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